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Apr 23

How could Lady Gag get that fat? Or is it just her damn funny dress? Looks like shit, even if she walked around Topless she wouldnt be pretty in that kind of Dress

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Apr 20

Lady Gaga walked trough the Streets of London, and is dressed likes shes a Hooker :D I guess some of us would pay Millions to spend a Night with her Pussy and Boobs, and especially with her awesome Mouth!

Apr 07

Lady Gaga goes totally crazy on Stage in Fort Lauderdale, in some Pictures it looks like shes getting Orgasms while performing :D Maybe she had her Dildo into her Pussy :D

Apr 05

Braless and with a see trough Dress, thats how we like to see Lady Gaga all day long, imagine how hot it must be to be her Boyfriend,would give my life to be that for only one fucking Day!

Apr 01

Right after i saw those Pictures of Lady Gaga´s bare Ass i tooked out my Dick and came onto my Computer Monitor, because those are the hottest Ass Pictures ive ever saw

Mar 25

The “Hosue of Gaga” show from Lady Gaga isnt just a normal concert Tour liek we know it, its also a Sex Show! And Lady Gaga is the Main Actor, hot Dresses, Tits and Nipples, bare Asses cameltoes and Nipples Slips every few Minutes :D

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