Aug 03

We all know that Lady Gaga likes to shock the shit out of the peoples out there, so i wont really wonder if there will be a sextape one day, the Lady Gaga Porn movie! But who would be the guy who fucked her? Maybe the one in those Pictures? Lady Gaga is posing already like a Porn Star in those Pictures, pretty nice!

Apr 24

Lady Gaga, the biggest Showbiz Bitch is walking around in a sexy black dress in Public, and because Lady Gaga likes to shock, she walked around nearly Topless, but unfortanetly she is wearing a black bra, but this one is really closely so her big Boobs nearly popping out! Would be great to get such a nice Lady Gaga Boob Flash :D

Oct 22

Hell Yeah, Lady Gaga is finally showing her Pussy! Ahh wait… No :( Shes just wearing a skin coloured underpant :( Too bad, but what we can see her is a nice Cameltoe, while Lady Gaga performs on stage and her Dress goes so high that we can see nearly her whole stomach ;)

Oct 22

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Oct 19

And again shes wearing a tight dress so we can see her whole Ass and some nice Cameltoes! Lady Gaga is one of the best Celebs ever, because shes flashing her goodies all the time :D So enough stuff to wank off for :)

Oct 19

Oh no, Lady Gag is drunk on stage again, and if i check out those sexy Pictures im thinking if she maybe is a Pornstar? Those are some serious dirty Pictures from her, maybe she will record a sextape one day just because she like to do it, lets see what happen in future!

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